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We love tap takeovers at The Butcher's Dog and we are so proud to invite the truly pioneering brewery Moor Beer Co down from Bristol to take over our bar for the night. 

The self-titled 'Modern Real Ale' brewery represented the South West years before craft beer was even 'a thing'. Moor Beer Co's bridging of cask and keg, english and international inspiration and fearless experimentation makes their beer perfect for a tap takeover. They are the stalwarts of the craft beer industry, never failing to create great tasting beer that is simply all about quality and drinkability. 

We'll be doing our best to bring you a beer list with all kinds of colours, flavours and strengths, and Darran will be hosting a guided beer tasting so that we can learn a bit more about brew and brewery!


Join us from 12pm to try a few halves from the beer board, from 5-6pm for a ticketed tasting with Moor, or from 7pm to meet and chat with the brewers.

We can't wait!

Jul 12, 2019 %2F 6 PMat Any Bar.jpg