We're supporting #tryanuary 2018

We're supporting the #tryanuary campaign this January!

Tryanuary was created to encourage beer fans to support independent breweries, pubs, bars and other retailers during what can be a challenging month for the industry.
— https://www.tryanuary.com/

Watch this space for news about our #Tryanuary offers and a blog post or two on our thoughts about beer in 2018.

Try something different this January!

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Office beers are here!

Bring a little joy to your team, say thanks for hard work well done, or master the art of a good send-off with a specially selected case of quality craft beers from The Butcher's Dog. 

It's easy to organise - ping an order to info@butchersdogdorset.com with your details and we'll pick, pack and deliver your beers on Friday morning. All you have to do is chill and serve!

24 craft beers are £50 plus VAT (£60 inc VAT) delivered. Be the best boss in town!